What motivation is?

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When it’s your bad day or don’t feel productive in your work then what brings you back on the track is Motivation. Everybody gains their motivations from different sources it can be your family, friends or your dreams. They always motivate you to work and grow. But you ever think about what motivation is and how it works for you.

what motivation is

This post is totally targeted on what motivation is? It can be different for different personalities. We try to give you a simple and straight overview of Motivation and its various perspective. At the end of this, you have a clear vision of What motivation actually is?

What Motivation is?

The word motivation is derived from the word “motive” which means needs wills, desires, wants or drives for something. Originally the meaning of the word “motive” keeps moving. It is the process of encouraging people to actions to accomplish their goals efficiently.

Motivation is all about our personal desire to achieve something that is important for us. This motivation (desire or want) makes us take action. Motivation is about an incomplete need that we want to satisfy; it’s about a goal that we want to achieve.

It can differ for different peoples for what they want to feel motivated. It can be

  • Some wants to earn more wealth
  • For some it can be their fitness
  • Someone want to get a good job

Many of the corporate companies working on to get their employees motivated which increase their productivity. For this, they set up different prices for the achievement of the employees. So they work harder to get that price and fame.

Many of the great leaders of the world always want their people to be motivated, which would be good for the nation or the thing they work on. They always address their people to keep their motivation up and their faith for him.

How Motivation works

The very first thing you have to understand about Motivation that it is all internal.

Like if someone wants us to be motivated to take some step, the most that he can do is try to influence us, appeal to us for some particular stuff.  They have to get into our needs, understanding, emotions, and goals. Marketers, sales professionals, and politicians understand this very well that what motivation is and what the person wants to listen.

what motivation is

Let’s apply this method to you. It makes sense that no one can force you to want do something without you will. They cannot tell you what your desires are nor can they insist you do anything. At last, they cannot give you a strong will to achieve certain goals. Your motivation have come from you.

When someone, like your employer, wants you to do something for him, you may do because he or she has power over you. The fact behind it that you did what they want does not mean you were happy about doing it or nor, does it mean that you even wanted to do it or not.

How it affects you

Since you realise that motivation is individual, you cannot have a one-approach fit all attitude about motivation.

Let’s assume that if you feel very motivated about any particular field or the thing. And you start working on it then it’s sure that you going to get better results and experience than any other person who is not that much interested in it like you.

what motivation is

If you are motivated your productivity and understanding automatically increases and gives better results.

If you are a leader of any team and motivated about your work then your team member automatically starts feeling about their work because of you and your dedication toward work.

Importance of Motivation

In simple motivation is the key to success. With motivation, it’s like a piece of cake to achieve your goals that can’t be that easy if you can’t feel the motivation for it.

what motivation is

It’s not only important to you but also effective to the people around you or your partners. If you are motivated toward your work it automatically reflects on their work also.


Hope you get a clear vision on what motivation is, How it works, its effects and importance then you also get it that how important it is for you.

Many persons with the same level of skill set, some of them achieve great success in some particular field and some become failure its all depend on your positive or negative attitude toward it. And Motivation will help you to get that positive attitude.

If you had a team under you then this very essential to you always feel motivated and gain positive results.

So this is the detailed overview over what motivation is. Hope you get it very clearly.

Tell us your thoughts on motivation in the comment section

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