What is Career Planning and Succession Planning


To achieve your professional goals the two most important and key factors are career planning and succession planning. You have to plan both these career as well as the succession to achieve well. Lacking one will not lead you toward success, have to maintain perfect balance in career planning and succession planning.

Career and succession planning is the systematic process of identifying, hiring, developing, and training new employees for future requirements or replacement of the current employees to continue the protocols in the organization.

Career planning and succession planning are almost similar to each other. But due to some key differences and separate benefits between them, it’s a bit confusing to understand the concept of these. If you have the same confusion between the concept of these two then you are in the right place.

This post is totally targeted to explains the concept of career planning and succession planning. At the end of this post, you will get a clear vision for both and how to balance these out.

So let’s start this with the exact definition of both

What is Career Planning

In general career planning is a systematic process that is done by a person to achieve his or her professional goals in their career. And cover up all the possible strategies through which their goals will be achieved. This will be helpful for the person to choose, analyze and achieve better goals and satisfaction from their career.

Career planning is the stepping stone for career management, which is taken by the person to get the kind of profession or career he/she wants to pursue. Cover all the different (small to large) steps which they follow to achieve the targeted goals. It is useful for the person to know his/her personally like what they want to achieve? What are their pluses and minuses? What are their likes and interests? and What target he/she can expect from themselves?

Why career planning matters

Its important for the individual to get the answer of all the self-related question those were mentioned in the above paragraph. For the personal development and achieving the goals that an individual sets for himself career planning is a must.

What is succession Planning

Succession planning is the organisational process of selecting the potential employees for the higher position as the replacement of the current ones. It’s important to maintain and smooth run of the organisation as currently or make it even better. Includes all the steps from basic to advanced one to select the potential employees.

 Career planning and Succession planning

Succession planning involves analyzing the employees and providing them with the needed training to take up particular positions in an organization after the resignation, termination, retirement, promotion or transfer of the current employees. The purpose of succession planning is to determine possible replacements from within and even outside the organization if needed.

Succession planning is mainly carried out by the senior authorities of any organisation. They collect the information from the managers like the performances of the employees, their capabilities and skills. This is not a quick decision that who is going to select for the particular post, it takes time because the skills that needed for these positions required time and dedication of the employee.

Why Succession planning matters

For an organisation succession planning is very important as it allows the senior authorities to evaluate and select a pool of talented employees, who has the skills and talent to take the higher positions of the organisation in the future.

With the succession planning an organisation is always ready when any of the higher posts get vacant due to the retirement, transfer or quitting. And immediately place another capable one on that place.

Succession planning helps to maintain the smooth flow of the organisation because if any of the higher authority places get vacant it directly affects the outcome and maintenance of that organisation.

Difference between Career planning and Succession planning

In this section, we gonna discuss some key differences between career planning and succession planning. That will be easy for you to understand the concepts of career planning and succession planning

 Career planning and Succession planning
  1. Career planning is the process carried out by an individual for himself and succession planning is carried out by the senior authorities of an organisation.
  2. In career planning an individual analyse and evaluate his own skills for better career opportunities. whereas in succession planning senior authorities of an organisation evaluate the employees for higher posts in the future.
  3. Career planning is carried out by the individual for the betterment of his career and succession planning is carried out for the smooth flow of the organisation.
  4. Career planning ensures that the individual develops the required skills for better opportunities. On the other hand, succession planning is done so that when in the future any of the higher authorities of the organisation gets vacant can be filled as soon as possible.
  5. Career planning plays an important role in the success in his career and succession planning is responsible or the smooth run and consistency of the organisation when any of the employees get to retire or quit.
  6. In career planning, multiple roles were carried out by a single individual. Whereas in succession planning a single position is carried out by multiple authorities.
Factors Career Planning Succession Planning
Carried by Individual Higher authorities of an organisation
Purpose Self development and self analysing by individual Create a pool of skilled and capable employees for the future
Need It is essential for the individual to explore the various career opportunities present It is essential for the smooth run of the organisation when any of higher authority seats get vacant

Conclusion of career planning and succession planning

In the end, it is career planning or successions planning for the overall development both of them are required simultaneously. The career planning is needed for the personal development of the employees whereas the succession planning is required for the beneficial growth and smooth run of the organisation.

We have to focus on both career planning and succession planning for proper development. Career planning takes care of the individual and his skills while succession planning takes care of the organisation in the future if something goes out of the plan.

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