IAS Motivation – Success Stories, Interviews

IAS Motivation – Success Stories, Interviews

Every youngster wants a good and respected career because career is your identity and society knows you because of your career. A good profession provides you with respect and a better lifestyle. In India, there is a huge craze about government jobs and students prepare for them over years.

IAS stands at the top in government jobs. IAS (Indian Administrative Services) is the administrative branch of the All India services. If you are also willing to join the IAS and looking for the IAS motivation and success stories then you are in the right place. In this post we gonna cover the IAS motivation and interviews of various successful candidates.

IAS motivation

There is huge craze toward the IAS and this craze is not because of the pay scale but it is for the respect that comes along with this title. And its entrance test and interview is one of the most difficult exams of India. Where millions of candidate apply for it every year but very few of them can make to it. The succession percentage is about 0.01 means only 180 candidates were succeeded over a million. Those who achieve this title definitely deserve this respect and honour.

So, start this discussion on IAS motivation with brief overview on what IAS is


The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative branch of the All India Services. IAS considered as the premier civil services of India. It is one of the three arms of the All India services and the members of these services serve the central government as well as the individual state government where they were posted for their duties.

An IAS officer can serve at many posts on a district level or the state level like district collector, district magistrate, divisional commissioner and also involved in the conduction of elections in India.


A person can join the IAS through three methods the first one and most common is to enter through clearing the civil services exam. The other one is to recruit through state civil services. And the last one and very rare to select through the non-state civil services. The candidate who clears the civil service exam is termed as the direct entry. And there is a very less succession percentage of about 0.01, which shows the difficulty of the exam.


  • Act as a court official in matters of revenue and crime.
  • Maintain the law and orders.
  • Implement the central and state polices to the grass-root level.
  • Act as an agent of the government in the field.
  • Act as the intermediate between public and government.
  • Handle the administration and government policies.
  • Make the final decision in some matters.

And many more. This totally suits the phrase that “Great power comes with great responsibilities”

ias motivation

Factors that boost your IAS Motivation


IAS is one of the most respectful and honoured professions in India. Everyone shows respect to IAS officers personally as well as professionally. People know how hard and struggling to be an IAS officer and where this all respect belongs to. The respect is not only at your professional level but also in the personal life of the officer.

People and especially the youth will see the IAS as their ideal and they want to become like them. Be an IAS officer also boost the social reach of the person, society trust his opinions and follow them even if it looks competitive or harder. So, the respect that comes with this profession is the biggest IAS motivation for anyone.


This profession provides the candidate with a good and reputed lifestyle that everybody wants to. All the governmental authority facilities come along with this post like a well-maintained apartment, personal transportation vehicle, cook, security guard and other household helps.

They get electricity and phone calls at free of the cost when they serve their duties. Also all the other life safety facilities like the monthly pension after the retirement for a lifetime. IAS profession automatically improves the lifestyle of the candidate and most important the respect that we covered in the previous paragraph.


IAS profession offers the fabulous payscale for the candidate. The pay scale comes with 18 levels, where the 18 level is the highest which provides to the Cabinet secretary to the Indian government is 250,000.

On average, the IAS officers get promoted in the span of every 4-5 years. And get the annual pay increment of 1000-5000. All these figures clear your minds about the pay scale of the IAS officer and definitely affect to set up your IAS motivation.

So these are some major factors that will set up your motivation toward the IAS.

Success Stories of the Aspirants

In this section, we gonna cover some success stories of the IAS aspirants and discuss their struggle and hard work. This section will help to set up your IAS motivation. If they can do it then you can also, you just have to show enough dedication toward it.

Sweta Agarwal

Ias motivation
Sweta Agarwal

Sweta Agarwal securing the 19th rank in the UPSC examination of 2015. She belongs to Bhardresher and her father is a Grocer. Her story is filled with the struggle and odds, she said in her many interviews that how much she has to observe from getting the basic education to sure her place in the Top 3 women of India’s one of the most competitive exam.

She is extremely proud to her parents who they raised her in those odds conditions of poverty and the values they gave to her to serve the society in a better way. She gets her basic education from the St Joseph’s Convent Bandel School then completed her graduation from the St Xavier’s College Kolkata in economics.

She cracked the UPSC exam twice before 2015 but can’t able to make that time. Because of her dedication and lots of hard work she finally made it in 2015. She said the youngsters should take the interest in civil services, most of them just giving the exam because of the reputation if it and very few of them seriously want it. According to her if you are not interested in this field than don’t give the exam.

It is very difficult for her parents to supports the ambition of their child in those condition of poverty and lack of resources. But she overcomes all the boundaries of unstable background and gender bias and sets an example for those who gave the excuses of resources. The success story the Sweta Agrawal will be a living example to get your IAS motivation.

Harundya Kumar

Harundya Kumar with family

Harundya Kumar secured the rank of 1079 in the UPSC examination of 2014. He belongs to Angulai (a very remote village in Odisha) and his father a below poverty line farmer. Lived in a house that was given in Indira Awas Yojna (Shelter scheme of Indian Government). With all these uneven conditions he never looked back and achieve the goals that he set for himself.

He completed his primary and secondary education from the government institution. Completed his 12th in the second division, He is just average in his academics but has an interest in cricket. He also plays cricket at the district level but destiny wants something else.

He joined the MCA university for his graduation, where he gets the good studying environment which shifted his passion from sports to academics and tried his luck in the civil services but gets failed for two times. But he doesn’t want to give up so he tries again and crack this time and set up and example that your poor and unstable background can’t stop you to get your goals. Hope this story will boost your IAS motivation. You can achieve anything you dream just have to put enough efforts into it.

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh
Ansar Ahmad Shaikh

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh secures the rank of 361 in the UPSC examination of 2015. He belongs to Maharashtra and his father is an auto-rickshaw driver and brother is a mechanic. Most of you heard his success story before, he comes to limelight when he cracks the UPSC back in 2015.

He completed his basic schooling from the locality then join the prestigious college Pune for pursuing a B.A. in political science. And also work in the day due to his poor background alongside the preparation for UPSC. He used to do the same for three years during his graduation.

He said in most of his recent interviews about his poor family background, how he has to struggle to get the stuff to crack India’s one of the most competitive exam. He also mentions discrimination because he belongs to the poor and conservative Muslim family. And he also mentions that after his achievement how the things change for him and and his family.

His represents the great example toward the youth that no matter how hard is your time and conditions you just have to give your best and everything will be alright automatically. The story of Ansar Ahmad Shaikh is a good example to fill yourself with IAS motivation and work hard for what you expect from yourself.


All the factors and success stories hat mentioned above are just a few there are many more out. It is difficult to cover these all in a single post. The purpose of this post is to provide you with the living examples to fill you up with IAS motivation. You can apply those examples to only on the IAS but also achieving your other goals that up et up with yourself.

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