Best Skills to learn in 2020

Best Skills to learn in 2020

Your skillset is the key to your success. Better the skills better your chance to grow faster in your career. Now due to COVID -19, everybody is locked in their houses. If you visit this post then you definitely want to improve your skills. So Free at home, want to invest some time to groom yourself then here is a list of best skills to learn in 2020. these skills definitely help you out in your day to day life and if you put some efforts then these are able to generate some revenue also.

Best skills to learn

The best skills to learn

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Negotiating
  3. Meditation
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Technical Writing

1. Public Speaking

The very first skill in our list of best skills to learn is Public Speaking.

As a shy introvert, I’ve never really wanted to do any public speaking. In school and college, to get me out of the shyness, I’d act out some confidence in front of the class. It worked pretty well.

best skills to learn
Best skills to learn

public speaking is the art of giving power to words – to influence , inspire and transform lives of the lisiterns


You can be picked up Storytelling and Public Speaking as two of the skills You going to practice for the month. Little did I know that both these skills would become valuable in your writing after a duration.

Where to learn Public Speaking

Take opportunities to speak in front of groups.

Start with persons you’re comfortable with, like your friends and family. Talk about subjects you’re really passionate about and know so much about it. When you talk about things you love, around people you love, the nervousness doesn’t kick in and you gain it with practice.

Recognize that the first time you tell a story to someone, it won’t be perfect. Take notes of people’s non-verbal reactions. Notice people’s interest level with each sentence you say and then implement in the next time.

Public speaking is all about refining your stories better then the last time.

When you felt you ready, attend Toastmasters events. Do talks at your workplace.

How it affect your life

The more you seek public speaking opportunities out, the more you can build your confidence as well as other skills.

On top of those benefits, you can also improve your vocabulary and speak with greater clarity. People will understand you more when you speak with them.

You will definitely experience the results after some time because practice makes the men perfect.


  • Numbers of videos are available on Youtube
  •  Do a TEDx talk. 
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2. Negotiating

The next skill in our list of best skills to learn is Negotiating. This skill is going to help you out in your day to day life.


Now, this is a skill I personally want to spend more time on and one of the best skills to learn

I count Selling, Saying “yes” and Saying “no” as part of negotiating of elling.

Never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate

John F. Kennedy

That’s what true negotiation is about. A negotiation where only one of two parties gets to win is not a negotiation, it’s like a loss. In negotiation both the parties have to look after the problems of others.

For centuries, people and organizations alike have thrived by mastering the art of negotiation for better results. Without good negotiation skills, businesses stand no chance in the market. It was true hundreds of years ago, and it’s even truer today and beyond will.

Where to learn Negotiation

The next time you think about a negotiation situation, think a win-win situation. What most of us don’t realize is that we negotiate almost on a daily basis. A lot of our interaction with others is about interacting.

So after this article, you realize that negotiation is a skill and it needs practice, you’ll start to find many scenarios around you that are good for practice the skill. If you can’t think of any, simply search “practice negotiation skills” in the google search engine, there are tons of results that will help you out.

How it affect your life

  • Help you to find a job
  • Useful you to get good salary
  • Able to get things at cheaper price
  • Help you to get more clients


  • Youtube
  • In your day to day life

3. Meditation

The another skill in our list of best skills to learn is Meditation and one of the most important skill to be fit and focus.

Best skills to learn

Meditation is one of those skills, like painting, that I thought I would never be able to learn it. But like I said before Practice makes the men perfect. I learned it. This is the best skills to learn to improve your results

The problem back then when I didn’t think of meditation as a skill, meaning I didn’t think I could learn techniques to meditate well.

I had the preconception that meditation was about not thinking about anything and sit, therefore any time I had a thought in my mind, it frustrated me.

And I know I’m not the only one who thought that way.

I tried meditation with a friend and failed miserably. It took me 3 months after that attempt to finally give it a go again for it. Once I had the right mindset and I consistently practiced, I actually became good at meditation.

Where to learn
As a beginner, I strongly suggest guided meditation for fast results.

What’s good about the guided meditation is that it teaches you that it’s okay to have thoughts and guides you through a greater clarity of mind and fast leaning, which is what meditation really is all about.

You learn to be aware of how your body and mind feel about things. You learn to relax, even when you feel like you’re so nervous to relax.

What’s important that a number of people don’t realize that it takes time to learn and understand it. Don’t try once and leave. Meditate at least once a day for at least 10 minutes and increase it with time.

You’ll start to feel all types of emotions. In the beginning, I was laughed when instructed to count my breaths. Sometimes you’ll be frustrated about it. The more hours of practice you put it, the easier it gets.

It is most important that you practice where you won’t be disturbed. And as a beginner, try where there isn’t too much disturtive noise.

How it affect your life

I personally reduced the time it took me to fall asleep from 1–2 hours to 10–15 minutes. The quality of my sleep also tends to be better after I started meditation.

Meditation will help you out with stress problems. A lot of people report being much less stressed from doing meditation.

It gaves you more clarity on my emotions, body, and mind, leading you to make better decisions.


  • Join yoga groups
  • You can also do it on your own

4. Digital Marketing

The next one in our list of best skills to learn is Digital Marketing. During this pandemic of COVID – 19 lots of offline businesses shifted online. There is a lot of scope for digital marketing in the upcoming time.

best skills to learn digital marketing

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote their products and services. This is the best skills to learn to generate revenue even during your sleep.

Good marketing makes the company look smart but great marketing makes the customer feels smart

-Jeobhai Chernov

It is a development during the 1990s, changed the way brands and companies use technology for marketing. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and day to day life, and as people nowdays use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops

Almost anything can be a digital marketing asset. It simply needs to be a marketing tool you can use online. That being said, many people don’t realize how many digital marketing assets they can have at their disposal. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your website
  • Brand assets (logos, icons, etc)
  • Online Video content (video ads, product demos, etc)
  • Images (infographics, product shots, company photos, etc)
  • Written content (blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions, articles, etc)
  • Online tools (SaaS, calculators, interactive content, etc)
  • Reviews of products
  • Social media pages

Where to learn

  • There are a number of online paid courses in the market
  • Many youtube channels provide free courses

5.Technical Writing

The last one in our list of best skills to learn is Technical writing. This one is one f the most demanded skill in many departments.

best skills to learn technical writing
best skills to learn

Technical writing is writing or drafting technical communication used in technical and occupational branches, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and forestry and many more. If you want to generate a good revenue then this is the best skills to learn for you

Technical writing training is well useful for practically minded communicators:

  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • IT Professionals
  • Project Manager

Most of the professionals require some technical writing skills. In information technology, project managers and analysts write technical documents that must be clear and hold correct information.

A technical writer explains the product to the end user, by creating:

  • technical and software reports
  • handbooks
  • technical guides
  • online help

Where to learn

  • number of paid courses online available
  • It takes time to perfaction

So this is our list of best skills to learn in 20202 . Hope you like it and will be helpful to you.

Tell us in the comment section which one you find interesting


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